a2 Milk® farms in Australia - learn how we select our cows

Gray Farm

The Gray family farm is located about an hour inland from Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales

At around 8.30-9am, the Grays gather for breakfast, before Mick heads off on the tractor to attend to his daily farming duties – working the paddocks, cutting foliage, fencing and the like. With the second daily milking commencing at around 3.30pm, the Grays are usually ready for dinner by 7.30pm.

The Gray’s A2-certified herd gets to graze on some mighty fine pastures, feeding on a combination of lucerne, chicory, rye grass, kikuya and clover. They’re also fed nutrition-intensive corn and a protein source such as cotton seed, and hay rings are also put out for the cows to stand around to feed at night. According to Mick, it’s so important to maintain the cows’ respective weights at all times – for good health, first and foremost, and producing the highest-quality a2 Milk®.

The Grays are proud of the fact their hard work has helped so many people who are concerned with dairy digestion. As the milk from their cows contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein, to the exclusion of A1 protein, many people who have trouble drinking most regular dairy milk can happily enjoy a2 Milk® without feeling uncomfortable. Each cow in the Gray’s herd has been DNA tested to ensure the integrity and purity of their a2 Milk® supply.

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